Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Way You Can Help, Without Money

  I stumbled upon something on another blog site that I thought sounded like a lot of fun, and can really be helpful.  Since London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, I don't want to need things there that are much less expensive here.  Before we leave, I'll make sure the kids have new socks, shoes, and pajamas.  This stuff adds up.  But you can help with that once again, without giving me money. 

     What's it called?  Ironically enough,it's called, "Shop It To Me."  Here's a description from their website.


Shop It To Me is a free, trusted online personal shopper relied on by millions of women and men.

The Service:

Shop It To Me is an effortless way to find sales on more than 700 brands.

You tell us what's important to you: specific brands, categories of clothing & accessories, and your sizes - and we work as your free personal shopper, scouring the web to find the best prices on the items you love.

We check close to 200 retailers each day for sales on women's, men's, and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Then, based on your preferences we create personalized e-mail alerts (Salemails™) that feature the latest markdowns, secret promotion codes, and even VIP sale events.

     So, what you do is click on my personal referral link here:
and they'll ask you what brands you like, and then you'll give them your sizes.  They send you an email when they find your sizes and brands on sale on the web, complete with links that take you straight to the sale item.  You even choose what day of the week you get your email.  I get mine on Thursdays.  It's nice because I'm a size that is difficult to find.  I can't tell you how much I hate finding a pair of shoes online that are at a really great price, only to click on the link and find that they don't have my size.  "SaleMails" take care of that little problem.

     Here's how it helps me.
     For every ten of you that sign up, I get a gift card to a clothing store where I can get the things we need for the big pond hop.

     So if you think you can stand one more email per week, please give it a try.  If you don't like it, you can unsubscribe or dump it in your spam folder.  And if you really like it, you can earn the gift cards yourself- just get your friends to sign up through you.

    You guys have been so supportive. I love reading your comments and hearing what you think.  I couldn't have imagined that so many of you would even look at this blog, much less continue to look and click on ads.  I wish you could know how my heart smiles when the counter goes up on my stats page.  Thank you. 

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