Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Blog, A New Me.

     I started this blog with a few things in mind. 

     I wanted a place to chronicle my family's year of transition from the "at home" family to the "living abroad, working for God" family.  I wanted a way to keep all of our stories, good and bad, in front of us, and I liked the idea of the accountability that having an audience would provide.

     I wanted to stop writing the dreaded newsletter email.  You know what I'm talking about.  The opus that some families send out a few times a year with what seems like every detail of their lives crammed into, oh, a few thousand words.  The people in my field of work are famous for them.  And most of them get deleted before they're ever even opened.  Why?  Because they're boring.  Here we are, in some of the most exciting places on earth, doing the most exciting work on earth, if I do say so myself, and we're boring you to tears.

     It is my dearest wish to stop this madness.

     Next on my list- Every now and then, someone asks me how they can contribute to our  Work, and it was suggested that I have a spot online somewhere with a paypal donate button.  It's over there>>> to the right of this article.  Check one thing off the to-do list, pat Jemima on the back.  So if you do ever feel the need to help out our Work, feel free to avail yourself of this service, and I am much obliged to you.
     That was really it.  The only things I wanted to do with a blog.  I had absolutely No Flippin Idea what was out there in the world of Blogdom.  I discovered rather quickly that there were other avenues I could be taking, and those of you who've been around since the beginning have seen how I've played a bit with it.

     Anyhoo, I've made a few decisions, and I'm very pleased to announce that I am now an associate for Amazon Affiliates.  What does this mean?  It means that from time to time you will see ads for products sold on  If you click on the link, and purchase ANYTHING from Amazon, I'll get a commission from it.  This goes for most of the ads on my blog, but they are run by Google, so it's a different story altogether.  It also means that I am going to get to do something very near and dear to my heart. . .

     I'm going to start writing book reviews.

     I'll be starting with a series of children's book reviews-  six story books written about children who live in different places all over the world.  It is of extreme importance to me to raise my children to recognize, understand, and appreciate different cultures everywhere.  These books are for parents who have similar desires for their own children.

     Of course, at the end of every review will be a link to the book.  The proceeds will support our family in the Work that we do.  Questions?  Please ask.

     And don't worry, I'll review my own faves as well.  They won't all be children's books.

     Want a sneak-peak at the first book?  It's up in the left corner of this post.  Go ahead, I won't tell.

     Anybody know of a great book they'd like me to review?

Photo courtesy of Mateusz Żdanko.


Allyson said...

Really cool! You'll be so great at book reviews! Go Jem!

Jemima said...

Thanks Allyson! How are things? Settling in?