Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turn And Face The Strange Changes

     I'm breaking another one of my unwritten rules of blogging.  When I started this thing, I said I'd never ever under any circumstances write about my ex husband, Rooster and Cricket's father.  Our lives together and our divorce were private, and frankly, it was painful enough the first time around, so why on earth did I want to go and rehash it for everyone else? This week has changed my mind.

     I've known that my capacity for spoken thought is quite underwhelmed by my ability to express myself in writing.  I just can't get it out when I talk.  There isn't enough time to think when you're talking.  And this is something I need to talk about, even if it is with my virtual friends on a computer screen (see how important you are?).  I can't get this out, period.  

     I need to talk about my ex husband asking someone else to marry him.

     I asked my followers on twitter the other night what I should have said in reply when he told me his big news.  They made me laugh at a time when I thought I might just die.  I am grateful for what they said:
     "Can I come to the wedding?  And throw rocks?"

     "Well isn't that special?"

      "and why the fart are you telling me this? I don't give a flying fart whose life you ruin!"  (Ok, I edited that last one, just a teensy bit.)

     I needed a laugh in a really bad way, but here's the point- the one rule I'm not going to break is talking ugly about the father of my children publicly.  So I'm asking you to help me out with this and post tons of comments, but make sure that they won't humiliate my children in front of the world.

     I've also been wracking my brain since Monday morning to come up with an idea for a writing contest running this week.  As well as being highly cathartic for me, my next post will be my official entry into the Writer's Week Writing Contest hosted by Suess's Pieces, and if you like, you can read more about that here.    I'll post it a little while before it's due, so please feel free to comment if you notice anything technically wrong with it- I'd really appreciate that actually.

     I'm more nervous about this post than anything I've ever written for obvious reasons.  I'm also nervous about the style.  It isn't really me to write "heavy-handed."  I enjoy the fact that my pieces are light hearted and easy, with maybe a little random seriousness thrown in just to prove that an adult actually writes this stuff.  I'm excited to try something new, but I'm not too proud to mention that I'm scared.  Help me out here, guys.

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Allyson said...

So Jem, I've left this open in my tabs for the whole week trying to think of something witty to say to help you feel better. But all I can think of doing is giving you a hug and agreeing that it sucks a little. Then I want to stick out my tongue at your ex and blow a raspberry. So you see, I am extremely adolescent and will be no help to you at all. Just know that I am thinking of you and I am glad you have your face set to the future, even when the past slips up and bites you a little.